A New Platform for Accelerating Growth in Qatar’s Industrial Sector

The manufacturing sector is expected to play a key role in Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and the diversification of its economy. The Qatar Manufacturing Strategy was launched to support the nation in meeting its manufacturing sector growth aspirations. It identifies key pillars for enabling growth including increasing FDI, encouraging entrepreneurship and SMEs in the sector, improving access to local finance, promoting international trade, encouraging and financially supporting innovation, and developing local talent. However, growth in these sectors will be crucially supported by the localization of key skills and occupations in Qatar.


Between 2015-2019, 380 manufacturing facilities opened in Qatar, with 120 of them opening since the start of the blockade in mid-2017. In total, these 380 new facilities brought in $3.5 billion worth of investment. Over this time, machinery and equipment manufacturing facilities in the country nearly doubled, increasing by 82%.


Key Market Opportunities to Support the Industrial Sector in Qatar

Electric Vehicles Opportunities

In the high-tech sector of electric vehicle manufacturing, it has established a hub to pioneer and develop Plug & Play component research, developing and testing prototypes, and providing an environment to test mobility vehicles and emerging technologies across buses, vans, and small vehicles. Qatar offers a breadth of incentives to foreign investors such as but not limited to tax exemptions, land allocation, regulatory exemptions, energy supply for manufacturing, and financial support, which can be tailored to meet your needs based on the requirements of your investment proposal.


Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Opportunities

A strong aviation sector, driven by Qatar Airways, the country’s award-winning airline, a focused National Manufacturing Strategy and unparalleled market access and connectivity position Qatar as an idea manufacturing destination for aerospace additive manufacturing.  Foreign investors looking for opportunities in the 3D manufacturing of aerospace parts can benefit from Qatar’s commitment to establishing advanced manufacturing value chains locally, regionally and globally. 

Medical Consumables and Device Parts Additive Manufacturing Opportunities

Qatar is inviting leading global prototyping and healthcare parts manufacturers to setup an additive manufacturing facility with the capabilities to prototype, fabricate and post process medical consumables and device parts.


The Qatari market for medical additive manufacturing boasts strong growth primarily driven by demand from healthcare. This is aligned with the rapidly growing healthcare sector as evidenced by the state’s spending on healthcare per capita being the highest in the MENA region, the 88% expected growth in the number of healthcare centers and facilities between 2020 and 2022. The market also has a robust ecosystem for manufacturing with significant access to base materials, and home to the first model factory in the GCC that offers hands-on training to help corporations achieve operational excellence. In addition, Qatar’s unparalleled market access and connectivity mean that local production will have access to significant local and regional demand. Overall, Qatar is an ideal manufacturing destination for medical additive manufacturing.

Vaccine Manufacturing Opportunities

Qatar is a thriving economy that offers robust, competitive, and attractive business opportunities. Its rapidly growing healthcare sector along with the country’s robust business ecosystem, world-class infrastructure, strategic location, and unparalleled connectivity make it an ideal location for vaccine manufacturing.